Get Your Exclusive Item from Starry EGG!!!

You want to get an exclusive items from AUDISTAR? have you tried to crack an EGG from AUDISTAR? there is many items you can get from that EGG...  right now there is an EGG called "Starry EGG". Its a limited egg only from 22 November 2018 - 5 December 2018

you want to know what item it is?

Set of Silver Fox Fashion and Starry Wing

Set of Fox Prince Fashion and Dawn Wing

Set of Battle Fox Fashion and Sunset Glow Wing

and many others items from 3rd until 5th prizes, cool.... if you have the set you be more fashionable than others... try now before its too late laugh

Notes : if there is anything you need to ask, please kindly inform to our CS Team or Facebook Inbox

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