Get Your Exclusive Item from Sea Voice EGG!!!

Have you ever been out of your busy life everyday, calming your heart in a place that is relaxed and also comfortable like being on a beach, seeing the blue ocean and hearing the sound of the ocean? surely it will be very beautiful and also comfortable right?
Discover the beauty of the ocean and the comfort of the sound of the blue ocean by collecting the latest sets of SEA VOICE EGG available from 11 April - 2 May 2019

Here is the details what you can get from Sea Voice Egg

Dream. Sea Boy & Girl (White) and Sea Offer Wing

Shining. Sea Boy & Girl (Orange) and Sea Breeze Wing

Timeless. Sea Boy & Girl (Black) and Sea Wave Wing

and many others items from 3rd until 5th prizes, cool.... if you have the set above you will be more fashionable than others... CRACK IT NOW before its too late laugh



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