Dream Piano RC, Exclusive Mount - Love Piano

The moving keys are expected to play the most moving melody with you at Audistar Love Piano Mount, exclusive only on Lucky Roulette 12 JUNE - 09 JULY 2020

Here is the details what you can get from Dream Piano Roulette Coin

Love Piano White Mount


You can also DYE your mount by buying Mount Dye Formula for 2000 Diamond.

Go to Dance Shop => Item => Other


Love Piano Orange Mount


Love Piano Blue Mount


Don't forget that you can evo your mount and make your mount become cooler and fancier. 

How to evo your mount? Go to icon at upper right side and click "Special" Button. And then you can find Mount Evo Essence for 2000 Diamond


Love Piano Perfect Mount (from Love Piano White)

Love Piano Orange Tree Mount (from Love Piano Orange)

Love Piano Snow Soul Mount (from Love Piano Blue)



and many other items from 3rd until 5th prizes, cool.... if you have the set above you will be more fashionable than others... ROLE IT NOW before its too late laugh

Notes : if there is anything you need to ask, please kindly inform to our CS Team or Facebook Inbox

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