Couple of The Month Junly2021

Hi Superstars~

You know what? We already have winner for Couple of The Month July 2021. Curious about their profile and story. Let's check it out right away !!


IGN: yutt™


Club: d'Silence

Fb: Ajeng Iyutt

Name: Ajeng Shofa



UID : 3,027,050,207,380,077

Club: True Beast

Fb: Dante Jaina

Name: Dante Jaina

~~ This is our story ~~

This is our 2nd year in audistar (and still counting). We start from cp game and kind of much drama at the beginning then start to join real relations,  i stay in Indo,  he stay in Philipine. Event we do LDR we keep stronger everyday. We passed everyday with chat,  talk,  and VC. We laugh together and cry together. 

At last year of 2020 we did RB but failed, then we got romance rank on my birthday,  we save 6months gift to make sure we can get Romance Rank,  event i lose at CQ by other player's 30M charm at rank #1 but still,  that day still be one of my epic best day since i play audis.

Just like other LDR couple dream,  we have dream to meet up in real too one day,  and end our relationship on a wedding ceremony. We dream about honeymoon on Bali island,  i introduce that place to him,  and he start to search it on google and youtube,  he excited to go there too. 

We still love each other until today,  tomorrow and forever. We hope our dreams come true one day. Thanks audistar to make us find our love.


That's our story thanks a lot ❤


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