Notice and Agency



Wants to be a REAL SUPERSTAR? don't worry you can do in Audistar Mobile Indofun, because we'll provide you with AGENCY Features. (?????)


• How to enter the Agency feature:

1. When in the map you can click agency (as shown below)


2. After that you will find a display like this. You can choose to play which agency mission. There are 3 levels of difficulty, namely easy, normal and hard. And there are 2 modes that you can play Legacy and Dynamic. Every day you will be given the opportunity 6x.


3. After selecting one, the display will appear like this. The day you can make your own room is 3 times. If you click "Quick Start" you will enter the other agency room player randomly. If you click "Create Room", you will be the host for the selected agency room. To enter the agency room (notice) manually you can click Dance Hall - click view (in the lower right tab) - click notice - select the room that you want.


4. There are 5 types of agencies like Album, MV, Singing Together, Photos and Concerts (as shown above). The way to play agency is almost the same which is playing from the beginning of the song until it's finished as usual. Only for Agency types Your photos will not play completely. In Agency Photos there are only 2 rounds, each - each wave (4x step on legacy and 2 waves on dynamic).

5. This is the display when you enter the agency room (notice). If you and your friends are ready don't forget to click Start to start the agency. Have a nice play ! :)



• Things that you must know about agency:

1. For those of you who want to get the maximum coin notice, you are required to take hard mode, the cheer bar reaches 100% completing additional missions and 1 room consists of 4 players. You 627 coin notices per round. There are 6 times a day in total, so you can get 3762 coin notices every day.

2. The Agency (notice) will be reset at 12am, 12pm, 6pm. So if you feel the agency at that hour is difficult, you can wait for the refresh time.

3. After you complete all the tasks at the agency you will receive some Notice Coin, the Notice Coin that you have obtained can be spent at the notice market. click agency - then notice the market. each item has a different buying chance. To purchase the 3rd & 4th item at the same item the coin notice price will increase / increase. so choose wisely the item before buying. wink


Notes : if there is anything you need to ask, please kindly inform to our CS Team or Facebook Inbox

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