New Update Audistar : Mount and Roulette System

This is what you have been waiting for, the latest audistar comes with new features that are getting cool !!, Let's check this out !!


  • New Feature - MOUNT and ROULETTE :

Are you bored with the challenge of breaking eggs to get an EXCLUSIVE FASHION on Audistar? Get ready for new challenges with the ROULETTE SYSTEM !!


To start the ROULETTE you should have a special item "Roulette Coin" that you can get by complete The Weekly Task or buying in Market only for 50 Diamond

Test your lucky in ROULETTE and get the chance winning a EXCLUSIVE MOUNT : ETHERNAL STAR

So beautiful and very gorgeous right? so take your chance and be the FIRST who get this beautiful ETHERNAL STAR exclusive in Audistar ROULETTE


  • New Event Interface :

To create comfort for players in accessing and completing events every day, Audistar provides a more convenient and more accessible UI Event, you can directly choose what categories you want to know such as Highlight Events, Limited Events and also the Daily Event



  • New System - Mount Dye :

Change your favorite mount with attractive colors that the audistar provides just for you, you can dye your mount in Synth Factory using MOUNT DYE FORMULA that you can get in Market

After you complete all ingredients you can change your color from your Mount




  • New newbie flow - Open Spa Plaza at Level 7 :

we are aware that many new players have difficulty interacting and finding places to gather together and relax at Audistar, therefore we decided to open the main social features of PLAZA SPA which were previously at Level 20 to Level 7, so that new players could be easier and more comfortable search and find new friends on Audistar


  • Custom Couple Ring and Close Friend Earrings :

Make your relationship closer and more special with special items for your lover and also your best friend because now you can change the rings and earrings as you like at Audistar, and you need to know each ring and earrings have special effects, and the effect will be better if used together your lover or best friend

You can buy the Ring and Earrings in Market

After you buy the rings or earrings you should update in your Lover / Close Friend Information by pressing Drop Earring / Ring

After that you should upgrade your Ring / Earring until upgrade exprience has full

After Experience has Full you can wear your Ring / Earring, and the Special Effect will appear if you and your Close Friend & Lover in Together in the same time


Notes : if there is anything you need to ask, please kindly inform to our CS Team or Facebook Inbox

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