Couple of The Month September 2021

Hi Superstars~

You know what? We already have winner for Couple of The Month September 2021. Curious about their profile and story. Let's check it out right away !!


UID: 3030090601231214519
Realname: Angeli Chesca
Club Name: OMG Club

IGN: oмஜ✫Jɪᴋʏᴜ
UID: 302622332936413229
Realname: Jikyù
FACEBOOK ID: jikyuuuu
Club Name: OMG Club


My Love Story with my Couple

We found love unexpectedly at Audistar, we didn't expect that we will become couple not just on Audistar but as well as in real life. We are just at the same club by that time then suddenly we fell inlove with each other by the time goes by. Our favorite song was "All for you" and "Everytime", we always play and do the events with our favorite song. We love the message of those song because we can relate to it. For now, we spend our time on playing Audistar due to pandemic so even we're far on each other we still have chance to be together at Audistar Mobile. We planned to be together soon, but for now we need to focus and get ready so that there will be no problem at all. We have a lot of things we planned for our relationship, we want to spent our time together with bondings like travelling, to go to our favourite places to have our time together. We also love food so we must try special dishes on every places we go through. We love rides as well so maybe we must go through places that has amusement rides like roller coaster.  That's how we spent our time in the future after this pandemic, thanks for reading our love story.


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