Couple Of The Month September

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You know what? We already have winner for Couple of The Month September. Curious about their profile and story. Let's check it out right away !!


IGN: 食々「sᴜᴊᴜ」°
FACEBOOK: Yun Myth Audi (
Club: Eclipse

IGN: ᴹᴱ々「sᴇᴊᴜ」°°
FACEBOOK ID : Pyo Sinja (
CLUB: Morphine Ecstasy 


My Love Story with my Couple

I started audi in March 2020 and I first met my current couple when I was level 30+ only, in a room when he was using his second account. From then, after I knew he was the club leader of PHMorphine Ecstasy and how hard he fought for this club to be a stronger one, I was totally attracted to him, simply because he just seemed like an idol to me. However, I was oblivious to him despite trying to get his attention e.g pm him and entering every room he was in. It was a cute experience because one day, I finally found his main account and I WAS SO HAPPY. FROM stalking which room he was always in all the time, wishing him a happy birthday and getting kinda ignored, liking/ patting him (NOT) for event daily, to pm-ing him if he remembered me as usual.

HE always said ‘YES’ but I think it was a ‘NO ‘. All I ever got were short replies from him. Every now and then, I would pm him if he could just have 1 game with me since I was just a stranger to him, ( must be thinking what he said?” ) I finally got a game with him, but he played -Epik High-. Back then I was only lv30 so I didn’t know that song was a fast-endgame.

He is truly my motivation to get online every day in Audi, just so that I could see when would it be the day that he would finally notice me. These continued for 4 months till July when I finally got the courage to ask if I could join his club (my wish since forever), but first I got rejected because as much as possible, he wants to recruit PH members. BUT, a miracle happened. He reviewed my profile and went to my gallery and asked “ are you clover?” *clover was my first ign in Audi*  WOOO and I said YES. It was the happiest day because after two months of being an invisible ‘fan’ of him I finally got noticed.

Following, we proceeded to chat with each other, and honestly, I am truly happy with him every day. (I won't go much into details) but, He has always been the sweetest guy and the most thoughtful one that I can ever ask for. I would finally say that all the time spent, trying to understand him better silently were all worth it. We were CF before we finally became a couple on 7.14.2020 and still counting ?? . It doesn’t matter how much time we spend together in Audi, it may only be the daily events that we complete and that’s basically it. But every moment we spent together we seized it. now that we found each other in our lives, we will cherish it.

My love. 7.18.2020


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