Couple of The Month

Hi Superstars~

You know what? We already have winner for Couple of The Month March. Curious about their profile and story. Let's check it out right away !!


IGN: 平等•ҟąեąղą❀
FACEBOOK: topswife.YGstan


IGN: 〄ʙʟᴀᴅᴇ
FACEBOOK ID : Kenji Von Ferrer


~~ This is our story ~~

It was a silent day in Audi.

I was doing the spa event. When I was about to finish, he chatted with me saying, “Hi. Do you need a couple for the event?”
I don't like doing events, to be honest. But when he said that "Please help me get the couple wings", I was thinking, someone also helped me get the couple wings. Why not helping someone too. So I did agree on it.

The day goes by, and we became close and closer. We laugh and share interesting things that we experienced on a day. We always had fun whenever we talked on Audi or any games we both play.

There are times as well that he will send me Angpao just for us to have the same outfits. I find it sweet :)

After few months~~

“Kath. Can I ask you something?" he said while we are doing events. I was nervous back then since he seems very serious. 
"Is this a serious question? What is it?" I asked
“Who do you like? me or him(my other friend)” I was not able to respond right away. I wanted to say, ‘you, you, a thousand times you. You’re the only one I can ever think about. You’re cute and sweet and funny…’
Instead, I said "I like G-Dragon of Bigbang. Do you know that k-pop group?" I joked.
and he said "I'm serious. If I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?” 
“Okay,” I said.
“The person I like… …is you.”

and then my heart beats fast.... That's all I can share hehe :)

Please see the attached file Audi for our photo. :)


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