Club House

Club House is the place where all the player can meet each other and make a club/guild. Club House can be entered when the player is reaching Level 15. The player can create the club by spending 200 Bound Diamond.


There are some feature that can be done in Club House. There are Check-in, Donate, Recruit, Angpao, Market, and Task.


  • Checking Menu

Check-in is to claim the reward such as club coin and club contribution. The player can claim this reward once per day only


If the player’s club got enough club coin, player can spend in Club’s Market and buy some item and fragment. By collecting fragment in Club’s Market, player can synth in Factory and get fashion from it


  • Donation and Guild Task

Player in each club can donate gold and bound diamond in order to increase Club Contribution and Club Coin by 10. In every chance, the player can only donate gold and bound diamond five times a day

There are also some task that can be done in Club’s Task. By doing club’s task, the player must be doing it together with other player’s in the same club. After the task is done, the player will receive the reward such as EXP, Club Resource, etc.


  • Member Recruit

In Club House, the player can also try to recruit other player by using recruit speaker and will be send to speaker chat, so that everyone can see whose club are trying to recruit


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