Career Dreamwork

Career dreamwork feature is like an story mode in Audistar, you can know the story how to be a superstar. Career dreamwork can be opened if the player’s level is already reaching Level 10.


  • Let's find out what can you do in Career Dreamwork :

1. When in the map you can click Career Dreamwork (as shown below)

  1. Each Chapter consist of 15 Stages (Normal Stage and Boss Stage), and every Stage 5, 10 and 15, the player will battle with the boss (Boss Stage)

  1. Each Stage will have requirement to reach SSS, and the task will be given according to the requirement. Player will get EXP and gold after complete the stages and if the player get SSS, player will get star medal as bonus

  1. Star Medal can be used to synth some fashion in Factory/Clothing Synth. The player have to collect more star medal by reaching SSS in every Stage

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