Audistar Newbie Guide


Dancing with friends is definitely fun, right? for that Audistar Mobile Indofun provides 2 modes for you to play with your friends and lovers, it's LEGACY MODE and DYNAMIC MODE:



In LEGACY MODE you must follow the direction of the arrows available in the keynote in each wave, every wave have different difficulty according Song BPM.




On top of the keynote, there is a Beat Bar that moves from left to right according to the BPM you choose, Bear Bar helps you to get the "Feel" when pressing the "BEAT" button on the left of the screen.



"Perfect Hit" can be obtained if you press the Beat button just when the Beat Ball is in the middle of the glowing area.




In DYNAMIC MODE you have to press the bubble that comes out according to the rhythm of each wave



Here are the kinds of movements that you have to do in DYNAMIC MODE :



  1. TAP     : You have to TAP the button according to the white circle
  2. Combo: You have to TAP several times according to the dots in the circle
  3. Swipe  : You have to swipe the button according to with the swipe directions
  4. Hold    : You have to hold the button and wait for the white circle to surround the button to get the score


Note: The closer the white circle surrounds the button, the bigger the score you will get





Here I will give you little information on how to do TOP UP using Google Play on Audistar Mobile Indofun


  1.  Select the TOP UP menu on the top right


  1. Choose the nominal that you want, 60, 300, 980 or Etc.


  1. Make a payment with instructions that Google gives regarding payment and Wait until you see "Top Up Success" option and you will get the diamond you bought


  1. You can get DOUBLE DIAMOND at every first purchase for each nominal if the RED MARK doesn't exist in Top up Denom that you choose, you can't get the double diamond again


If you have problems in topping up, you can immediately send a message to our Customer Service through the Audistar Mobile Indofun Official Fanpage ^ _ ^

Official Facebook  Audistar  :





In Audistar, you can create your own fashion by colouring your avatars and you can customize it as you want. Here is how to customize your avatars :




  1. Pick The Factory Menu, that you found in Main Menu


  1. Choose the DYE Menu in Factory to Colouring your Avatars


  1. Choose your Fashion / Avatars and try to customized by adjust the colours. You can choose any colour you want, whether is red, blue, yellow, it's up to you. Express your sense of art in here and you should have enough material to color your avatar ( ?∇?)


  1. Tap the "Change Colour / Ganti Warna" button in Right Button, and wait until successs


  1. This is it, your avatars colour has been changed according to colour you want ( ^ v ^ ) , it should be noted that not all avatars can you color all parts, some avatars can only be colored in certain areas






  1. Choose the EVO Menu in Factory to adding the Glitters to your Avatars


  1. Choose your avatars that you want to add the glitters by select many kinds glitters in evo menu, every glitters have different effect, so choose wisely your glitters ?^?^?


  1. Tap the "Evolution" menu in button right screen and you will see how much material will be used to upgrade and add the glitter to your avatars, dont forget You should have enough material to Evo  your avatar ( ?∇?)


  1. Tap the "Evo" button, and wait until successs


  1. Horaaayy~ you have Glitters effect in your avatars and make your character more prestige and more different than your friends 


Note : If you still have some question and problem about Audistar Mobile Indofun, you can give your problem and question by Messaging our Costumer Service in Our Official Facebook  Audistar  :