Audistar Cool and Fancy Week

Let's start this month with something cool and more stylish with the latest fashion at Audistar Mobile Indofun Cool and Fancy Week Event. We have New Synth Events, Top Up Everyday, Accumulative Consume, and Accumulative TOP UP from 28 March - 04 April 2019 ?(^?^)?

Top Up Everyday : Accumulate Top up start from 300 until 980 Diamond Everyday and get an EXCLUSIVE REWARD like :

- B,Diamond
- Giftpack
- True Love Egg
- Fragments

Dont miss that chance, only 980 diamond you can get reward Everyday!!


Beside that, your can get EXCLUSIVE ADORABLE FASHION by following ACCUMULATIVE TOP UP

Gold Polla Gold For Male - Fashion Total Recharge 15000 Diamonds

Gold Polla Nymph For Female - Fashion Total Recharge 15000 Diamonds

Wow, it will make your character so elegant and gorgeous, right? you can get this EXCLUSIVE FASHION SET by RECHARGE Only 15000 Diamonds  wink


Not just that event, you can also get many EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES AND WINGS by following ACCUMULATIVE CONSUME

Log Pig ( 7 D ) - Total Consume 60 Diamond

Log Pig ( Perm ) - Total Consume 6000 Diamond

Gold Polla Wings ( Perm ) - Total Consume 20000 Diamond


And the last one, collect the BEER FRAGMENT, and synth to get SPECIAL FASHION SYNTH

Or you can try your  luck by opening BEER GIFTPACK and get a chance to get 50 BEER FRAGMENT for FREE

After you collect the Beer Fragment into a certain amount, you can exchange it into
Big Boss & Mistress  ( M and F )  - Need 190 Beer Fragment

WOW!! very cool right !!, so what are you waiting for... GET IT NOW!! if your BEER FRAGMENT not enough you can get that fragment and more ITEM like BEER GIFTPACK from SPECIAL SALE only start from 40 DIAMONDS


Notes : if there is anything you need to ask, please kindly inform to our CS Team or Facebook Inbox

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